2011 News

14/12 I have started to restructure the site. There should be no visible difference to users. Instead of having all the thin client directories sitting in /thin/ they are (will be) more hierarchical. e.g. /thin/NeoCA5 is now /thin/neoware/CA5. I'm using an automatic redirect to deal with this, but please update any links you may have to the new locations.
12/12 Added Michael Straw's words and photos of the Neoware CA22. Added the Wyse lap-top style X90L.
06/12 Updated the Linux section on the RWT205CE. Added a links tab to the t5720.
03/12Added the NComputing L230 thin client.
03/11Hopefully added an RSS feed to the site for those that use such things.
03/11Added a column to the hardware summary to show the type of replaceable RAM fitted to each model. It also shows at a glance which models come with fixed RAM.
02/11Added the Neoware CA9 to the site.
31/10An update on how to set up a Tiny Core based Web server suitable for running on a thin client.
28/10Added stuff on SX0 (S10) firmware and experience of booting Tiny Core 4.0 on an S10.
12/10Added the VXL 3200 series. Added words on PXE booting to the projects pages.
25/07Updated the Relisys RWT205CE pages following an email from Mario from Romania.
19/07Added the HP t5325. I've also revamped the left-hand menu as it was getting ridiculously long. It now has buttons for each manufacturer. A sub-menu of models now only appears when a particular manufacturer is selected. For the full picture you need to go to the summary page. Some other small changes have been made to the organisation of the site and an article on why some SODIMMs don't deliver their stated capacity appears under the hardware section.
15/07Added the 10Zig RBT-402/Clientron U700. A few other minor edits.
06/06Added the Wyse WT1200LE.
14/05Added the Igel Compact (3210 CE). Added words on Igel to the manufacturers page.
09/05A few more additions (e.g. Netvoyager 1010LX). I've finally got round to writing up stuff on the Wyse Vx0 series. Added a little more info on adding additional USB ports to the Neoware CA15. Added a suggestion from Caleb Mayfield about soldering a Compact Flash socket to the CA15. Added Kevin Bosworth's info on overclocking the eSeSIX-WLGX01.

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