2013 News

10/10 Updated the Wyse 9450XE entry showing how a hard drive can be fitted internally.
11/08 Added the Fujitsu Siemens S400 to the site.
27/07 Added the Wyse Vx0LE to the site and generally updated the Vx0 entry.
08/07 Added the Fujitsu Siemens Futro S900 to the site.
03/06 Added an article on how to set up a PXE server using a proxyDHCP approach.
03/06 Added a short article article on setting up a dual-boot system with Tiny Core 4.6.7 and Linux Mint 15. The boot loader is Grub2.
11/05 Rewrote the article on how to build a custom version of the Tiny Core kernel.
11/05 Revisited the Wyse Sx0 series. Rewrote the Linux section and added a download tab for a customised Tiny Core kernel that provides IDE support. Also added a Links tab.
22/04 Revamped the 10ZiG entry on the RBT-4xx series.
17/04 Updated the description of how to install Tiny Core Linux on a pen drive to bring it in line with the latest distribution.
08/04 Added the Wyse WT9455XL to the site.
05/04 Added the Bosanova RBT-802 to the site.
01/04 Added details to t5730 mods page of Stefano's experience of uprating the CPU and adding additional cooling.
09/01 Added some additional articles contributed by Craig Oakes to the Linux section. These cover using lightweight versions of more mainstream distributions.
09/01 Expanded the Compact Flash section. Craig Oakes contributed an article on using a CF card as a direct replacement for a hard disk.

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