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My thanks to those who take the time to email me - either with questions or with suggestions/news about what you've been doing. I try and respond fairly promptly to all emails - so if you've been ignored for a few days do try again as there is always a chance that your email has been misfiled by my ISP's spam filter. Your emails often do lead to updates of this website where I may add additional information and/or reword sections to save others having to ask the same thing. If it is something new you've discovered/done then it may well get added with an appropriate acknowledgement.

Having discovered an interesting site on somebody's use of the t5720 I've decided to add a "links" tab to the hardware pages. If you know of good descriptions of the use to which particular thin clients have been put please email me the details so that I can add them to the site.


24/12  Added the Wyse Xn0 to the site.
10/12  Added the Acer AspireRevo R3610 to the site.
04/12  Modified the CSS files to reformat the appearance. Please complain (with details) if the change doesn't suit your browser.
04/12  Added a Mods tab to the Vx0 entry to cover the addition of a second IDE connector to the V10L.
17/11  Added a tab to the Sx0 entry about trying to get MS-DOS to run on a S30. Also updated the Links tab and added one to a build of openWRT for the S30.
13/11  Added a description of how to set up an Internet Radio using an old thin client and DSL.
13/11  Added a tab to the nComputing L230 entry after hearing from Alexandre "Tabajara" Souza and Fabio Belavenuto in Brazil who are working on turning a clone of the L230 into a FPGA development system.
3/11  Added a description of how to get the Tiny Core based webserver to support https.
31/10  Modified the lspci listing in the hardware description tab to be hidden unless clicked on. To make life easy I wrote a script to do the necessary editing of the html on some 70 pages but I have not (yet) visited every page to check the result. Please let me know if you encounter any oddities. I may be doing something similar to the CPU section over time but that is not quite so easy to automate.
28/10  Secured the site in that everything is now served over https.
27/10  Added a 'using' tab to the Wyse Dx0Q entry. Currently describes Ammon's File Server.
05/09  Added the Praim Compact Dual Core series to the site. (aka C9xxx)
05/09  Updated the Clientron entry.
30/08  Added the Wyse Dx0Q to the site. (aka 5020)
20/05  Added the 10ZiG 44xx to the site.
09/05  Added the Windows 98 tab to the Wyse Vx0 entry.
04/05  Added the Igel M310C to the site.
01/05  Added the Igel D210 to the site.
28/04  Updated the Netvoyager Company information.
28/04  Added the Netvoyager LX1014 to the site.
28/03  Update to the Dell FX160 entry to highlight the difference between the Optiplex 160 and the Optiplex FX160.
28/03  Updated the HP t620 entry to include the fact that it supports M.2 2260 and M.2 2280 form factors for the flash drive.
22/01  Updated the Tiny Core kernel for the Wyse SX0. This custom kernel is for Tiny Core v8 and runs on both the earlier and later versions of the hardware.
22/01  Updated the article on Building a Custom Kernel for Tiny Core. This is for Tiny Core v8 with kernel 4.8.17.
17/01  Some updates to the Igel Winestra (4210LX) entry.
17/01  Added a 'Using' tab to the Igel M320C entry.
12/01  Some updates to the Neoware Eon entry.
08/01  Added an article on How to install Wordpress on a Tiny Core web server.
08/01  Added an article on How to use the Print Screen key on the keyboard to get screen dumps in Tiny Core.
08/01  Updated an article on Creating a bootable USB Pen Drive with Tiny Core Linux.
08/01  Updated an article on Installing Tiny Core on a thin client.
08/01  Updated an article on A Tiny Core Web Server.

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