Who am I? 

Who am I?

Diver David If you have any interest I'm David Parkinson. I'm now retired. I started out working in telecommunications, first in the area of the subjective performance of such systems (1970s) and then moving on to high speed modem design (1980s). After that I spent some time working in Office Automation (early days of PCs - OA is now IT) and spent my latter years involved with Data Security and Encryption.

I've always been interested in microcomputers and my first introduction was in the early 1970's in designing a data collection system based on the Intel 8008. (Yup, the 8008 not the 8080 which followed it).

In my leisure time I moved on to the Zilog Z80 and CP/M and kept my hand in with both designing hardware and writing software. (Various boards used in Gemini's 80-BUS system and their CP/M Multi Format Bios). This faded for a while during my 'OA' years when work and hobby overlapped - it was no longer relaxing to come home and do the same sort of thing in the evening that you were doing during the day at work.

It still makes me shake my head when people say things like "..you need at least 2GB of memory for Windows 7". Whilst I agree that life is better these days I don't think my productivity has increased in proportion: Microsoft Word/Dual Core 3GHz processor/2GB RAM vs Wordstar 3.3/4MHz Z80/64kB RAM? It might look prettier and getting the appearance right is easier/quicker but I'm sure the content is just the same - and takes the same length of time to produce.

...another reason you won't find any flash, fancy graphics or 'busy' pages on this website. Primarily words and photos - it's the information that's important.


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