2021 News:

27/12  Added another 'using' example to the Wyse Dx0Q entry.
xx/12  Various very minor updates/tweaks during the month.
22/10  Updated the HP t430 firmware entry to include how to update the old N41 BIOS to the newer N44 BIOS.
10/10  Updated the Wyse 3040 with some further detail on the AW-CM389MA wireless card. Added a description of a microSD card add-on as a way to increase the on-board storage.
28/09  Updated the HP t620 entry to point out the M.2 slot was SATA only.
17/09  Added the HP t430 to the site.
12/09  Added the Rangee LT360 to the site.
26/07  Tidied up the page about using non-HP PSUs with modern HP thin clients.
15/07  Added details on the behaviour of the HP t620 Plus if driven from a 65W PSU rather than the standard 85W PSU.
14/07  Added an article on UEFI booting to the site. Specifically how to install Tiny Core Linux onto the eMMC flash on a Wyse 5070 that only supports UEFI booting.
10/07  Added the Wyse 5070 to the site.
30/04  Added an article (and supporting tools) on installing Windows 98 on a thin client.
15/04  Added the Giada F101 to the site.
11/04  Added a Using tab to the 10Zig 67xx entry where Jenny describes using a 6772 as a HTPC with a DVB satellite receiver.
01/04  Added a Wyse Sx0 specific kernel built for the 12.x release of Tiny Core Linux.
21/03  Added details re missing -12V voltage on the PCI interface on the Futro S400.
20/03  Added details re missing voltages on the PCI interface on the Futro S200 and the Futro S300.
16/03  Added details on the Z90D7 onboard PCIe connector that had been provided by Jacek.
11/03  Added details on a drive/SSD mounting kit for the Wyse Zx0 that had been found by Piotr.
11/03  Added the Mods tab to the HP t520 describing how Luuk added two hard drives to his.
11/03  Added the Praim Ultra Series to the site based on information from Davide.
10/03  Updated the general information about Praim and their thin client range in 2015.
28/02  Added a description from Pawel on how he added two 2.5 inch drives to a HP t620.
26/02  Added a comment from Justin on the practical impact of the speed rating of the RAM fitted to a Futro S900.
19/02  Added a HP t740 to the site.
19/02  Added a description of the 60GB factory fit SSD to the Z90D7 entry.
16/02  Added a HP t530 to the site.
16/02  Added the Igel UD5/H830C to the site.
30/01  Added a "What the site isn't" section to the 'about' page.
19/01  Added the 10ZiG 55xx to the site. (Rebadged Clientron U720).
18/01  Added the HP t640 to the site. Contributed by April.
14/01  Added the 10ZiG 78xxQ to the site. Contributed by Stephen.
09/01  Added a Windows tab to the HP t5740 entry. A note from Peter on his success in overclocking the CPU.
08/01  Added a description of how to add a VGA port to the HP t620. This was contributed by Max from Italy.

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