2014 News

08/12  Added the IGEL D200 to the site. The D200 is (was?) the basis of the UD2 range.
19/11  Added an 'Apps' tab to the t5740 entry to cover general descriptions of what people are using their t5740s for.
17/11  Added the Wyse Cx0 to the site.
09/06  Added the General Dynamics Tadpole Pulsar to the site.
09/06  Added the HP t5570 to the site.
17/05  Added the 10ZiG RBT-616v to the site. This is a rebadged Clientron U800.
17/05  Added the Chip PC Technologies EX-PC XPD4741 to the site. This is a rebadged Clientron U800.
08/05  Added the Astec a3500 (part of the a3c range) to the site.
08/05  Added the Fujitsu Siemens Futro s200 to the site
06/05  Added another 'Mods' tab to the t5730. Describes using the expansion chassis and using a t5730 as a Media Centre
06/05  Added to the 'Mods' tab on the t5740 an article on installing an SSD in an expansion chassis.
19/04  Added the Dell FX130 to the site.
10/03  Updated the patched Wyse Sx0 Tiny Core kernel to match the latest Tiny Core release (5.2). Fixed the bug where it occasionally hung whilst initialising the cs5536 companion device.

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