HP t5740: Modifications 




Seven ways of adding a SATA drive.

Adding an SSD in an expansion chassis

The photographs in this section were provided by Eric. He got hold of an expansion chassis and used it to add a SATA SSD and additional ethernet port to his t5740. It's now acting as a low power firewall running ipcop.

This is the expansion chassis that bolts onto the side of the t5730. It adds a serial port and parallel port and a small fan. There is also the riser that fits through the slot in the metalwork to plug into the PCI socket on the t5740 motherboard.

t5740 expansion chassis

The riser.

t5740 riser

The SATA socket on the t5740 motherboard.

t5740 sata socket

Right-angled SATA plug used to get the cable from the socket...

t5740 sata plug

...through a new slot cut in the metalwork to the SSD fitted in the expansion chassis. The SSD has been fitted in place of the fan that came with the expansion chassis. (You can also see on the right an ethernet card that has been fitted in the PCI expansion slot).

t5740 fitted SSD

The new rear panel of a "fatter" t5740.

t5740 with expansion back panel


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