HP t5740: Modifications 




Seven ways of adding a SATA drive.

Fitting a SATA disk drive - take 2

Glenn Fetty had been experimenting with HP thin clients and recently acquired a t5740. He wanted to add a hard drive as Pascal had done. In his searches he came across the site that had some useful parts that made adding a hard drive a bit easier, the most notable part being a right-angle sata adaptor.

A small amount of modification was necessary to use it:

"I cut back the ends of the connector to make it fit between the PCI connector and the capacitor on the motherboard. The ends are solid plastic, so cutting them off had no effect on the data and power connections.

SATA right angle adapter

It fits on the motherboard with sufficient clearance

SATA adapter in place on t5740

Height-wise, the adapter is short enough that when installed it does not block or obstruct the internal metal cover.

Then, after mounting the drive to the inside cover, I used this cable: [Dead link removed] to connect the drive to the adapter:

SATA drive fitted

...and it was ready for use! It worked perfectly, and no cable modifications were needed. Windows 7 was then installed."

Glenn also notes that microsatacables will ship worldwide if you can't source something similar locally.


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