HP t5740: Modifications 




Seven ways of adding a SATA drive.

Adding a second SATA disk drive

In January 2017 I got an email from Pavel in the Czech Republic who had soldered a SATA connector to the board on the pads adjacent to the IDE connector.

Second SATA port on HP t5740

After fitting a couple of ADATA SSDs, switching to AHCI in grub (the setpci configuration) and booting Linux he set three concurrently running processes:

dd if=/dev/sdX of=/dev/null bs=1M

where X = a, b, c and measured the following concurrent reading speeds :

  • SSD ADATA SP900 (/dev/sda) - 185MB/s continuously
  • SSD ADATA SP900 (/dev/sdc)- 200MB/s continuously
  • 2GB PATA flash (/dev/sdc) drive with the OS (kernel 3.16) - 31MB/s continuously

The photo below shows a quick way of checking things out using a couple of SATA drives:

Two SATA drives fitted to an HP t5740


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