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My thanks to those who take the time to email me - either with questions or with suggestions/news about what you've been doing. I try and respond fairly promptly to all emails - so if you've been ignored for a few days do try again as there is always a chance that your email has been misfiled by my ISP's spam filter. Your emails often do lead to updates of this website where I may add additional information and/or reword sections to save others having to ask the same thing. If it is something new you've discovered/done then it may well get added with an appropriate acknowledgement.

Having discovered an interesting site on somebody's use of the t5720 I've decided to add a "links" tab to the hardware pages. If you know of good descriptions of the use to which particular thin clients have been put please email me the details so that I can add them to the site.


29/12  Added Richard's description of how he got Lubuntu running on the HP 5570 after sorting out problems with the OpenChrome video driver.
11/12  Added the HP gt7725 to the website.
08/12  Updated the Futro S900 entry. The onboard PCI-e X1 socket is non-standard.
06/10  Added a 'Links' tab to the HP t5540 entry.
06/10  An update to the Tadpole Pulsar entry on supported RAM.
06/10  Over recent weeks there have been various updates to the HP t5740 entry, primarily stuff about RAM support.
05/10  I've switched hosting providers. Hopefully I've sorted out the small glitches that appeared due to differences in the hosting software.
10/09  Added the 10ZiG 58xxq to the site.
28/08  Added the 10ZiG 58xx to the site.
22/08  Added the 10ZiG RBT820 to the site. Also made some minor updates to other 10ZiG entries.
19/07  Updated the Wyse R90L entry. Various additions including a tab on the early version of the hardware.
18/07  Updated the HP t5710 entry.
17/07  Updated the HP t510 and the HP t610 entries.
16/07  Added the Fujitsu Futro A300 and the Fujitsu Futro X300 to the site.
27/05  Updated the Wyse R90L entry to some details on the LE variant. Also added more information about possible presence or absence of a SATA port.
10/05  Updated the HP t5145/t5540/t5545/t5630 entry to include the PCI and CPU flags data. Added another entry on how to use the SATA port.
10/05  Added a 'mods' tab to the Wyse Z90D7 showing how to add another ethernet port.
08/05  Added how to discover the BIOS password on a Wyse Xn0c if it is set.
07/05  Added a utility to find a working BIOS password on a Wyse X90L from the displayed error code.
26/04  Added details on the HP t620 Plus to the site using information provided by scottie4442.
21/04  Added the HP t620 to the site.
24/03  Updated the Igel UD3 entries for the M300C/M310C/M320/M330C.
14/03  Added the Wyse D-class to the site in the form of the D10DP.
10/03  Added PCI and CPU flags info to the Igel M300C entry
26/02  Added a tab on updating the BIOS and firmware on the Wyse Z90D7.
19/02  Added the HP t520 based on information provided by Jan.
15/02  Small update to the Wyse CX0 entry re: a C90LEW fitted with a WLAN card.
13/02  Small update to the Wyse R90L entry to note there was a hardware change with out any change in the model number.
11/02  Added lspci output to the Wyse Vx0 entry.
10/02  Built new Linux Kernel for Tiny Core 7.2 to run on Wyse SX0-02L hardware.
06/02  Updated the Wyse SX0 entry. Also added details on updating the firmware on an S30.
02/02  Added some user experiences to the HP t5740 and Wyse Z90D7 entries.
31/01  Updated the DT Research DT166 entry.

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