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When I got the email from Mal from Manchester I decided to add yet another tab (this one) rather than tack it on to the stuff in 'using'.

Adding another ethernet port

In May 2017 I heard from Mal from Manchester:

I had a project to build a pfsense router and after reading up on all the different options and comparing to what was available on eBay, I bought a Wyse thin client. The z90d7 worked great for me, low power usage and a 64 bit powerful CPU. I managed to add a Hard Disk and a mini PCI-e ethernet module. I had to hack the back panel to get this to fit. Luckily the panel is easily removed, but I wish I taped up the painted side as I scratched it when making the ethernet cut out.

The Hard Disk was attached to the second sata port and, I took 5V from the USB header. My box didn't have a SATA DOM.

The network card was from China and cost £7. This had the same Realtek chip as the on-board ethernet so I knew it would work.

Pfsense is working great, although I'll probably swap out the Hard Disk for a USB flash drive as I can't find a way to get the Hard Disk to spin down. I'm using the nanobsd version which only needs the drive at boot. There is a power recovery option in the BIOS which should be enabled so that the device boots automatically upon power up.

mini-pcie ethernet interface

Having seen what Mal had done I went looking on eBay. This is the sort of thing he used.

I noticed there were some dual-port ones available as well, but they're not cheap items (at least the ones I found weren't).

wyse Z90D7 with mini pcie ethernet fitted

This is Mal's Z90 with hard disk and ethernet port fitted.

wyse Z90D7 with mini pcie ethernet fitted - rear view

This is the rear view of Mal's Z90 showing how he fitted the ethernet port.

wyse Z90D7 added ethernet socket

A close-up of the added ethernet socket.


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