Wyse Z90D7: Linux 





As you would expect from something with a standard BIOS I had no problems running Tiny Core 7.2 from a pen drive. I subsequently fitted an 8GB SSD and installed Tiny Core 7.2 to that.

If you have an early model it is probably worth updating the BIOS - see the updating tab.


It was simple to use the internal wireless network card with Tiny Core 7.2.

From the lspci command we see that the fitted wireless network interface is a Qualcomm Atheros AR93xx Wireless Network Adapter (rev 01). (Yours might be different).

Using the App Browser I download and installed:

  • firmware-atheros.tcz
  • wifi.tcz

The WiFi app adds an icon at the bottom of the screen. Double click it to run the app. A command window opens and hopefully soon after you'll be presented with a list of the wireless networks it has found. Select your network and enter the password after which you should be up and running.

That just left the job of making things happen automatically when the system boots. When the wifi app started it created a file wifi.db in the tc home directory recording my choice of network and password to connect. To get it to start automatically add:

/usr/local/bin/ -a  > /tmp/wifi.log 2>&1

to the file.

Finally run -b to ensure that the files are backed up so that the changes persist.

An alternative to wifi.tcz is wicd.tcz. I found this brought in a lot more baggage and also managed to disable my wired connection at one stage. The simplicity of wifi.tcz suited me.


Any comments? email me. Added August 2016    Last update February 2017