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I (or others) occasionally come across other websites that have useful information on the Wyse Sx0. These are collected in this section. If you find others please let me know (use the link at the bottom of the page).

Note: Some of these websites have since vanished. As and when I've become aware of this I've adjusted the links to take you to versions held on the Wayback Machine. The text is all there, but in some instances not all the photos.

David Saraf found an article here: that discusses using the S30 as a NAS box running Debian.

Like me the author has found various bits of weird behaviour by the Wyse but came up with a different solution for the IDE problem.

The same author has also has also written up "how to put coreboot on a Wyse S30 or S50".

If you haven't heard of it, the coreboot webpages can be found here.

Someone has hosted his home website on one and documented it here. There are various useful comments following the blog entry.

I was pointed at (in French) which covers various hacks for the Wyse S30. This includes replacing the BIOS by coreboot and installing a version of openWRT.

[July 2021: Original has vanished. Wayback machine link.]

[April 2015]A BB version of openWRT built explicitly for the Wyse S30 is available here.

[November 2018] v18.06.1 of openWRT for the Wyse S30 can be found [June 2020 dead link removed].

It's pretty much barebones, but everything could be installed from official sources via opkg. One more thing to mention is that the image is for 32MB flash and the filesystem should be expanded when installing on a bigger drive.

[March 2021]Some reports from Chris on his explorations of the Wyse S10. Especially useful if you're a NetBSD user.


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