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Using an M320C

In January 2018 I heard from Ian who, at a loose end over the Christmas holiday, dug out a M320C he happened to have in his junk box in the loft. Wondering if it could be reused as a fanless PC he did a bit of Googling and found this site. That persuaded him to have a go.

"I disassembled the unit to find a 2GB DOM SSD and 2GB of RAM. Not much, but a start.

I scrubbed the DOM and went ahead and installed Lubuntu. A great start, however my wife did not like it and I was also struggling to get it to run with a reasonable screen resolution. Doing a little more research I wondered about trying Windows 10, as, unlike earlier versions, it is meant to be light on available resources.

I disassembled[*] a 250GB SanDisk Ultra II SSD and plugged that in to the onboard SATA socket, booted Windows 10 Pro installation media from USB and installed that. It worked a treat but it was a tad slow and did struggle with any video or when many apps were open. However, once I'd installed 4GB of RAM (borrowed from an old laptop), things were very much improved.

It boots in ~18seconds from login and has now got Office 365 on it. It is also used for email and general web surfing. It's now the main day to day pc in my office and sits there absolutely silent with no buzzing fans."

[*] See here (and here) for an explanation.


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