Neoware Capio: Using 





s0ren has an interest in running old DOS/Windows games. He got hold of a Neoware Capio 508 (similar to the 620) for his project. This is his report of the outcome. You'll find this and other similar stuff on the Vogons site.

He selected the Capio for this project as it had native sound blaster support. Unfortunately life being what it is, despite the Sound blaster compatibility, he did run into problems with some games of the games.


  • Cyrix GX1 300 MHz
  • 32 MB RAM (4 MB used by VGA)
  • CS5530A VGA chip
  • On-board audio (sound blaster compatible)
  • 16 GB Compact flash via IDE adapter
  • Legacy USB support

Operating Systems

  • Ms-Dos 6
  • Windows 3.11 1024x763 16bit colour
Note: Even after manual disk geometry configuration in the BIOS, only 8 GB of 16 GB is visible/usable in DOS - the BIOS shows the full 16 GB !

OS Installation

CMOS battery had no power. Changing the CR2032 lithium cell required an almost complete disassembly of the computer as the socket is behind a metal panel in the cabinet.

Installed DOS to the CF card from another computer that can boot via USB (this one can't), then moved installation files for windows and the applications with a card reader.

Windows 3.11 bundled sound blaster 1.0 driver works perfectly (it suggests the 1.5 driver but its not as stable it seems), and installing the VGA driver was easy.

Working Games

  • Duke Nukem 3D (800x600)
  • Doom
  • Redneck Rampage (800x600)
  • Lion King
  • Invasion of the mutant space bats of doom
  • Descent
  • Tomb Raider
  • Stunts 4D
  • Astrofire
  • Cracy cars 3
  • Pc-Man
  • Johny Castaway screen saver :)
  • Windows Entertainment Pack 1, 2, 3, 4
  • Encarta 95
  • Gta (only in 8 bit mode)
  • Quake

Broken Games

  • Wolfenstein (black screen and freeze)
  • Magic Carpet (controls all weird. Keeps opening the spell menu. No sound FX, but music works)
  • Apache Longbow (random crashes)
  • Fifa international soccer aka Fifa 94 (memory error)
  • Alley Cat (freezes PC after 3 seconds, sometimes it runs for a few minutes)
  • Star Wars - the old vector game (same issue as Alley Cat)

Even after manual disk geometry configuration in BIOS, only 8 GB of 16 GB is visible/usable in DOS - BIOS shows the full 16 GB !


Overall I'm OK with the outcome of converting this thin client to a gaming PC. The sound quality is not great, but fine for gaming. A game port for joystick would have been great. I'm a bit gutted about the first 4 games listed under 'broken', any one have ideas? Anyone have experience with other games/operating systems on capio like win95, red alert, etc?


The words above are s0ren's. Any questions/answers should be addressed to him via the Original listing on the Vogons board.


Any comments? email me. Added November 2016