Wyse 9455XL: Hardware 




Hardware detail

For those that are interested these photographs provide more detail of the hardware.

inside the Wyse WT9455XL

This what you find when you take the lid off. Top left is the floppy drive, top right the wireless PCI card, bottom left the metal tray where a DVD drive might be fitted.

inside the Wyse WT9455XL

With the metal tray removed you can see the PSU that converts the 12V input to the various voltages needed by the motherboard. (The connector is a 20-pin ATX connector).

There are two spare floppy-style power connectors - I used one of these to power my 40-pin IDE-to-CF adaptor.

There is one 4-pin Molex connector.

There is a spare DOM-style power connector.

The Wyse WT9455XL drive bay

A look into the drive bay. You can see the space available below the floppy disk drive.


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