Wyse X Series 




Wyse X Class

The information here has been extracted from an undated publicity leaflet from Wyse that has a 2012 copyright marking.


The X class are essentially thin client laptops which are based on two different hardware bases:

Wyse X series c Class


The 'c' family with an 11" LED backlit display and Intel Atom Z520 1.33GHz processor.

Wyse X series m Class


The 'm' family with a 14" LED backlit display and AMD G-Series T-56N 1.65GHz Dual Core processor with AMD Radeon HD6320 graphics.

i.e. The 'c' series is a netbook style laptop, the 'm' series is more heavyweight.

So far I've only seen an example of the c series.

c Series

The c series comprises:

m Series


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