10ZiG 68xx: Firmware 





On power-up the F2 key will get you into the BIOS or the F12 key will bring up the Boot Manager.

In my case, with just a SanDisk USB pen drive plugged in and no SATA DOM fitted, the Boot Manager presented me with the single choice of 'SanDisk'. When I plugged in a SanDisk 64GB SATA DOM I gained the extra choice of 'SanDisk SSD U100 64GB'.

On starting up with the F2 key I was presented with a prompt for a password. I found the default of 10ZIG worked for me. If not the onboard jumper JP1 lets you clear the CMOS and any previous password.

The BIOS screen is labelled InsydeH20 Setup Utility. Mine was version E620 V:3.3.21-12182013, dated, unsurprisingly, 12/18/2013.

The various screens are the usual Information/Main/Advanced/Security/Power/Boot/Exit.

Under Advanced/USB you are able to individually enable/disable 8 USB ports. (I assume the two extra ports are on one or two of the internal connectors)


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