Fujitsu Siemens S100: Firmware 





Hit F2 at power-on to get into the BIOS that identifies itself as the "BIOS Setup Utility". Mine is fitted with Version 1.00D.2456, dated 01/22/10.

I found very little on the Fujitsu support pages for the S100 other than some standard bits of documentation.


In the BIOS, under the Security tab, you have the option of Boot from USB Devices that can be set to Enabled or Disabled.

Moving on to the Boot tab this shows you what the system has detected as it powered up. In the first instance this was just:

[Network:VIA Networ]

After plugging in a SanDisk USB pen drive and a 1GB Compact Flash card I got:

1st Boot Device [USB:SanDisk] 2nd Boot Device [HDD:SM-SAMSUNG CF/] 3rd Boot Device [Network:VIA Networ]

As usual you can use the +/- keys to reorder

You can also get straight to these options by hitting the F12 key on power-up.

Please select boot device
HDD:SM-SAMSUNG CF/ATA USB:SanDisk Network:VIA Networking Bootagen <Enter Setup>
↑ and ↓ to move selection
ENTER to select boot device
ESC to boot using defaults

I had no problems with booting off an 8GB SanDisk USB pen drive nor installing and using a 1GB Compact Flash card.


Any comments? email me. Added November 2019