Fujitsu Siemens S200: Linux 


Originally I wrote:

As mentioned under the firmware tab the S200 loaded and ran Tiny Core 4.7.6, but only with Grub as the boot loader - not with Syslinux.

You may have to experiment to find how you have to format/organise your boot media.

Now (November2017) I find that a pen drive prepared with Tiny Core 8.2 and Syslinux as the loader runs ok, but if you've installed a compact flash card >32MB it takes a while to get through the kernel initialisation phase.

I've also run it quite happily from a 32MB Compact Flash card but haven't been able to get anything to boot/run from a 128MB or 1GB Compact Flash card.

However I did hear from Antonio who wrote:

With the S200 it seems to be a problem with modern high-end CF cards; a no-name with 2GB works fine.

In March 2021 I prepared a 128MB Compact Flash card using RMPrepUSB and installed Tiny Core 11.1. This ran but initially my monitor complained about the video signal being out of range. Ctrl/alt/del dropped me back to a shell prompt. Running xsetup.sh let me pick an alternative screen resolution that worked.


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