Fujitsu Siemens S450-2: Firmware 





Hit F2 at power-on to get into the BIOS. This describes itself as Phoenix TrustedCore(tm) Setup Utility.

The Boot screen shows a list of whatever bootable items it finds. There is space for 8 entries. As usual these can be ordered by highlighting the one of interest and then using the + and - keys to move it up or down the order.

There is also a section at the bottom of items that are specifically excluded from the boot order.

In my case with a Compact Flash card fitted and a pen drive plugged in to a USB port, the screen showed:

  1 : PCI BEV: Realtek PXE B08 D00
  2 : IDE 0: FTS1GCF80-(PM)
  3 : USB KEY: USB2.0 FlashDisk-(USB 2.0(R/F)F
  4 :
  5 :
  6 :
  7 :
  8 :
Excluded from boot order:
   Legacy Network Card
   Bootable Add-in Cards

You can also get straight to these options by hitting the F12 key.

Standard Firmware

The S450-2 runs eLux RL.


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