IGEL Compact: Firmware 





The IGEL 3210 CE has a standard PC Phoenix Award BIOS - hit the DEL key repeatedly on power-up in order get into the BIOS setup screens. The BIOS boot options are:

  • HDD-0
  • HDD-1
  • ZIP100
  • LAN
  • Disabled

The unit I got had been through one of those 'wipe everything before recycling' processes. Net result was that the CPU clock was set at 400MHz (100MHz x 4 so a power-up screen reported). The Frequency/Voltage Control section does have a menu item CPU Clock that can be set to a number between 100 and 132 and was currently showing 100. (Doesn't make sense to me as 4 x 132 does not equal 600!). Initially my fiddling around did not apparently make any difference, but suffice to say that eventually I had the CPU running at 600MHz and the CPU Clock field is set to 132. Maybe I should have cycled the power at one point rather than just doing a ctrl/alt/del reset?


Depending on the model the hardware runs either Windows CE, Linux or Windows XPe. Mine came with the flash card wiped and I haven't tried loading new firmware from Igel's site. I have no idea whether this is an trivial exercise or whether you have to set up the correct management environment first.


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