IGEL UD2 range 





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UD2 series

As already noted under the UD tab Igel's UD2 range has been through a number of generations. Anything described as a UD2 could be one of various bits of hardware. Here's my best guess.

GenerationLaunch DateModelHardwareclockCPU
2January 2009UD2-x2xD200400MHzVIA Eden
??UD2-???D200500MHzVia Eden
??UD2-???D210500MHzVia Eden
??UD2-???D2101GHzVia Eden ulv
??UD2-???D510C1GHzARM Cortex A8

Of these I have seen:


D200 Marketing Technical
D210 Marketing Technical
D220 Marketing Technical
D510C Marketing Technical


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