Igel M330C disassembly 





Getting inside is straight forward.

M330C foot

Start by removing the foot. This is held on by two screws.

M330C under the foot

Once you've removed the foot you reveal the single screw that's holding the back on. Remove this.

M330C slide back

You can then slide the back sideways a bit....

M330C remove back

.... and then move it towards you to remove it.

M330C cover screw

With that out of the way it's back to the bottom of the M330C to remove the screw that's holding the cover in place.

M330C slide cover

With the screw out you can then slide the cover back and lift it off
This is the only time where you might wonder whether you're doing the right thing!

M330C slide cover

The cover, at least my cover, is a good interference fit and it takes a little effort
to shift it. It moves back about 9mm to clear the lugs at which point you can lift it off.


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