NComputing L230: Repurposing 


INCTEL IN A03 thin client Back in 2011 I wrote:

...the heart of this thin client is an EP1C12 Altera Cyclone Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGA). There is obviously great potential for repurposing with such a flexible device - assuming you have the necessary knowledge and skills.

Well I've now (November 2018) heard from Alexandre "Tabajara" Souza and Fabio Belavenuto in Brazil. They are busy reverse engineering a unit to that end. What they are actual working on is an Inctel IN A-03 thin client which is a clone of the L230. The INCTEL publicity photos leave you in no doubt of this (see right).

A quick glance at the circuit boards also show very minor differences:

L230 circuit board INCTEL IN A03 circuit board

The silk screen markings on the boards:

Silk screen amrkings

The story so far (November 2018)

They have sorted out the pin-out of the chip (what's going where) and have a handle on FPGA loading process (about to be tested/verified).

It looks like the difference between the 'A01' and 'A03' types of compatible terminals is the presence of USB - Non-USB models uses the EP1C6 FPGA and the USB equipped models use the EP1C12 FPGA.

Seems a new cheap FPGA development system is born!




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