Cisco VXC-2111: Disassembly 




Disassembling the Cisco VXC-2111

There is little point in doing this as there is nothing you can change/update having got inside as the hardware uses a dedicated Teradici PCoIP chip. However it is a fairly straight forward job if you have any interest.

Cisco VXC-2111 unit A general view of the back of the unit.

Cisco VXC-2111 bottom view Turn the unit over to show the bottom(?) - or at least the bit carrying the label. You start by removing the six screws indicated.

Now to start on the case. We need to separate the top from the bottom. Hold it label side down....

Cisco VXC-2111 starting separation I found a good starting point was under the left-hand mounting lug. A little pressure started the separation process.

Cisco VXC-2111 separating left side From there I moved to the left-hand-side, and then round the corner....

Cisco VXC-2111 separating right side ...after which it was back to the middle and then work around to the right-hand side.

Cisco VXC-2111 three edges free At this point three edges are free. I found that it didn't take much persuasion over the last edge as you can move the cover away from you which helps to clear the internal clips.

Cisco VXC 2111 internal view The circuitry inside the VXC-2111. There is no socketed Flash or RAM.

As always just reverse the procedure to reassemble the VCX-2111.


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