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t5325 SATA modifications Sarah Van der Veken found this link to the website of Jeroen Domburg. There you'll find an interesting article entitled: Adding SATA and PCIE to a HP T5325 thin client. Adding the first SATA port is fairly straight forward, but adding the second port is not for the faint hearted as part of it does include using a paint stripper heat gun to remove some surface mount ICs.
t5325 SATA modifications Александр Чернышев (Aleksandr Chernyshev) sent me this link to a Russian website where he has published an article entitled: "Pump the HP t5325 thin client". (At least that is how Google translates it!) It's in Russian but I found that Google translate rendered a reasonably readable English version. As you can see from the photo it covers adding an external(!) hard drive using the onboard SATA interface.

In June 2020 I heard from Lukasz who provided a couple of links:

U-Boot on Kirkwood and
Installing Debian on Kirkwood with Linux Kernel 5.7.1


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