HP T5570: Mods 




In December 2015 I received details from Matt of how he added a SATA SSD. He wrote:

"I can confirm that I can boot from the SATA drive after removing the 1GB IDE DOM.

I added a SATA SSD in a very simple way: All you need to do is remove one of the VESA attachment screws after which the SSD can be secured with two screws through the vent holes."

SSD in a t5570

The top side of the metal screening cover. You can see that the threaded insert has been removed from the hole in the foreground.

SSD in a t5570

The SSD mounted on the inside of the cover.

He added:

I used them as router boxes (one with pfsense and one with ipfire). I installed a mini-pcie network card in it. Very solid machines and they run 24/7 for a few months without trouble.


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