Lenovo M32: Firmware 


On power up the F1 key will get you into the BIOS or F12 will come up with a boot selection screen. Just hitting Enter gets you to an intermediate screen:

Startup Interrupt Menu
Press one of the following keys to continue: ESC to resume normal startup F1 to enter the BIOS Setup Utility F12 to choose a temporary startup device Press ENTER to continue

My M32 came with BIOS FDK55AUS 01/03/2014. The Lenovo website offered an updated BIOS (FDKT15A or FDKT57A) dated 30/11/15 so I went ahead and updated it.

You have various download options depending whether you are updating from a USB flash drive or the existing operating system. As my M32 had been wiped by the supplier I went with the full package - the first option in the list which was delivered as a zip file.

The update process was painless. What I did was:

  • Prepared USB drive with Rufus
  • Copied zip file contents over
  • booted it
  • Ran the updater


The BIOS is a conventional BIOS offering a wide range of configuration options: You can enable/disable each of the USB ports, set the SATA mode, what to do after a power failure...

Interestingly the 'Startup' tab caters for three scenarios:

  1. Primary Boot Sequence (Normal Power up)
  2. Automatic Boot Sequence (Communication device wakes up the system)
  3. Error Boot Sequence (What to do if the BIOS detects an error).

With a 1GB USB key in place the Primary Boot Sequence displayed:

USB FDD: ▼USB KEY: USB KEY 1: Generic Flash Disk 8.00 SATA: JMicron 605 SSD Network 1: Realtek PXE B01 D00 Other Device: Excluded from boot order: USB HDD: USB CDROM:


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