Neoware CA16: Firmware 





The Neoware CA16 has a standard PC Award BIOS.

The boot options are

  • LS120
  • HDD-0
  • SCSI
  • HDD-1
  • ZIP100
  • LAN

There is a USB pen-drive creation tool in Tinycore Linux. I had previously used this to make a bootable pen-drive that I used quite happily with the Fujitsu Siemens A250 so....

I set the "First Boot Device" to USB-HDD and the "Second Boot Device" to Disabled, plugged the pen drive in and booted the CA16. It ran the native Linux! I unplugged the DOM. It then complained about the lack of operating system. I ran the Tinycore USB install again and this time picked the d option that formats the USB pen drive with a FAT32 partition (as opposed to an ext2 partition). Still no joy. Finally I ran the USB Install program again and picked the final option of z that creates a ZIP drive look-alike on the pen drive. Having gone back into the BIOS and set the boot device to USB-ZIP it successfully booted Tinycore Linux 2.11 from the pen drive.


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