Neoware CA2: Firmware 





The Neoware CA2 has a conventional Phoenix AwardBIOS that is entered by hitting the DEL key whilst the unit powers up. The options for a Boot device are:

  • Floppy
  • LS120
  • HDD-0
  • SCSI
  • HDD-1
  • HDD-2
  • HDD-3
  • ZIP100
  • LAN
  • Disabled

No sign of any USB option.


I've connected a CDROM drive to the IDE connector and booted Puppy Linux V4.2 without any problems.

I've also connected a 2.5" drive running Tinycore V2.7. The first time I booted this there was an apparent problem, but subsequent boots have been fine so I'm not too sure what the problem was.


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