Neoware CA22: Linux 







Current booting is done with the on-board flash booting into Tiny Core and boots very quickly, but don't plan on doing anything "involved" as the free space is not awesome.


Booted this as a test, boots fine but have not tried "installing" it yet. As the flash based hard drive is not something I would like to trash at the time. :-)


I would really like to install this one but it seems there isn't a decent way to install from a USB drive. So I have just tried the "live" version and it's a pleasure to run.

Chromium OS

I love my chromebook and have attempted to get this running on the CA22 but shelved for the time being. (No Time, like most of you) Further investigation is warranted.

Plan 9

Yes I have tried this one as well... it was crazy odd but very fun to see it work! I hope to one day have this set up to just provide visual appeal in my cubicle.


General perception

Quite powerful, was running Asterisk at one point with 6 VoIP phones connected and it was humming along at about 30% cpu usage with all of them being used... that was an awkward party.

Video and Audio

Seems to work well for general tasks, watching a flash based video will push the client quite a bit sadly.


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