Netvoyager LX-1010: Linux 





Originally I booted DSL 4.10 and Tiny Core 3.3 from hard drives connected to the IDE interface without any problems. Also Tiny Core 3.6 from a Compact Flash card.

In a similar way to the firmware upgrade process I've installed Tiny Core 3.6 on the internal flash:

  • On your main system create a bootable pen drive using something like the Universal USB Installer and the Tiny Core ISO.
  • Find alternative hardware that will boot from USB and is fitted with a 44-pin IDE connector.
  • Transfer the flash module to that hardware.
  • Boot from USB and perform a 'frugal' install to /dev/hda.
  • Transfer the flash module back to the LX-1010.

As before I used an IGEL M300C but there are plenty of other thin clients that could have been used.

There are obviously other ways of doing this but the main stumbling block is the fact that the DOMs have female connectors on them. This means they can't readily be plugged into USB-IDE interfaces and the like.

In May 2016 I revisited the lx1010 and this time booted Tiny Core 7.0 from a pen drive. In order to be able to boot from USB I had to put a partition table at the start of the pen drive. I used a 4GB pen drive but set up a single 200MB partition with it formatted as a FAT16 file system. I do not know exactly what variants (partition sizes, file systems) work. (See the firmware tab).


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