Netvoyager LX1014: Firmware 





On power-up F2 gets you into the BIOS setup screen or F12 will bring up a boot menu. The BIOS is a standard Phoenix Award BIOS. Scanning the dmesg output after booting Tiny Core I find the line: DMI: Clientron U720/VX855 , BIOS PG 06/15/2011

NB. I had a problem with a fairly anonymous USB connected keyboard - the LX1014 didn't recognise it and so hammering away on the DEL key got me nowhere. I had no problems with an ancient PS/2 HP keyboard or with a Labtec USB keyboard.

The options for boot devices are:

  • Hard Disk
  • ZIP100
  • Disabled

If you have a USB pen drive plugged in then selecting the Hard Disk option will let you pick either the pen drive or the internal flash as the boot device.

In the absence of any operating system, or if you set the boot devices to 'disabled', the LX1014 will attempt to boot from the network.


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