Netvoyager LX-1021: Linux 






When I powered up the first example of this it just sat there emitting a never ending series of very long beeps. (Loooong beep, short pause, repeat). The eventual replacement worked fine - for about 10 minutes before it too entered this state. This was a great pity as the Netvoyager looked to be a very useful tool. If anyone has any suggestions as to a solution I'd be happy to hear...but read the bit below first! My debugging tools consist of a multimeter and a now fairly ancient twin beam 300MHz Oscilloscope. No modern logic analyser I'm afraid!

As far as the beeping was concerned Google wasn't much help here. My immediate supposition was that this POST error code was most likely a "memory error". Removing and replacing the SODIMM didn't help. Swapping the SODIMM for another working one didn't help....which doesn't leave much else to do - and anyway why would it just fail like that? Over the years I have encountered the odd problem due to a poor contact but these have always been fixed by removing/reseating the offending board/device. I did try removing the backup battery in case there was some weird CMOS setting that was causing this behaviour.

Pressing and holding the power switch does result in the unit powering itself down after about four seconds. This shows the CPU is alive and well - which I knew anyway as it was happily generating the beeps.

With the second unit all I had done was to unplug the flash module from the IDE interface and plug a Compact Flash card with Linux on it into the on-board socket. Obviously putting the DOM back didn't solve the problem.

Based on a sample of two the Netvoyager would appear to not like me or maybe not like the Suffolk air! Pity as this looked to be a very useful box and I'd already bought a wireless mini-pci card to fit to it.


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