Netvoyager LX-1021: Firmware 





The Netvoyager has a standard Phoenix Award BIOS. Hit the DEL key on power-up to enter the setup screens. It identifies itself as "Phoenix - Award Workstation BIOS CMOS Setup Utility". I discovered that mine was password protected. The default password is 55450269. (I gather for the LX-1010 and LX-1000 it is 554502).

On the Advanced BIOS features screen you can set the boot options to:

  • Floppy
  • LS120
  • Hard Disk
  • ZIP100
  • Legacy LAN
  • Disabled

This can be set on the First, Second and Third boot device. At the top you can set the Hard Disk Boot Priority. In my case this meant I could put the Compact Flash card ahead of the DOM.

I had a brief go at trying to boot from a pen drive - even one I thought that I'd set up to look like a zip drive - without any success. I didn't persevere with this as it was easier for me to put a Compact Flash card into a card reader, plug it into a USB port on my many computer, and use LiLi to write the latest version of Tiny Core to it. With this in the on-board compact flash socket I had no problems running Tiny Core 6.2.

Native Firmware

The LX-1021 run's Netvoyager's Phoenix operating system.


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