Netvoyager LX-1022: Firmware 





The Netvoyager has a standard BIOS. Hit the DEL key on power-up to enter the setup screens. It identifies itself as "Phoenix - Award Workstation BIOS CMOS Setup Utility". I discovered that mine was password protected. The default password is 55450269.

Boot device options are:

  • LS120
  • Hard Disk
  • SCSI
  • ZIP100
  • LAN
  • Disabled

It seems to boot quite happily from LiLi prepared USB pen drives.

Clock Frequency

I had an issue with the LX1022 not successfully booting various current Linux distributions. To cut a long story short I eventually traced it down to one setting in the BIOS - the CPU FID setting in the Frequency/Voltage Control screen. This sets the CPU clock multiplier. The Load Fail-Safe Defaults sets it to 4x, Load Optimised Defaults sets it to 10x (and, as far as I can see, is the only parameter that changes between the two options!). I changed this to 9x and that solved the problem of the distributions failing to boot - albeit with a 1GHz processor now running at 900MHz.

I can only think that there must be some strange interaction between the VIA Eden CPU and the current iteration of the Linux CPU Frequency Control software.


The embedded operating system is the "Netvoyager Phoenix Operating System". As mine came in a password-protected state I followed the instructions on Netvoyager's site to create a rescue disk and used this to replace what was there. This worked. I noticed that the copyright message on the opening boot screen changed from 1999-2007 to 1999-2010 so it had been running an older version of the operating system.

The rescue disk software - which boots to a Linux desktop - identifies itself as Slitaz GNU Linux (2.0), so if you want a running Linux this is one way of getting it!


Any comments? email me. Added May 2016