Praim Compact Dual Core Series: Firmware 





The Praim Compact Dual Core Series has a standard Phoenix/Award BIOS. Across the top it identifies itself as Phoenix - Award WorkstationBIOS CMOS Setup Utility. In the dmesg output I find:

DMI: Clientron Crop. L700/VX900, BIOS 6.00 PG 02/28/2013

Hit the DEL key on power-up to get to the BIOS configuration screen.

Boot Devices

In the Advanced BIOS Features screen you can set the First and Second Boot Device fields to:

  1. Removable
  2. Hard Disk
  3. CDROM
  4. Realtek PXE B03
  5. Disabled

The Hard Disk Boot Priority option lets you switch between the installed flash drive or a bootable USB pen drive plugged into one of the USB ports.

Flash/Hard Drives

Although the on-board disk interfaces are SATA, the BIOS presents them as IDE drives. There is no BIOS option I can find to change this behaviour.


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