Tadpole M1400/FT01: To Do 




To Do

At the moment I'm stymied. To progress further we need to be able to get into the BIOS and change the boot order. With the Tadpole Pulsar this was possible using the D key. Unfortunately that key doesn't appear to work here. I would hope that this is just a touch of 'Security through obscurity' rather than requiring something like a special dongle in place before it will enter the BIOS.

FTP options If/when we gain access there may be an opportunity to replace the Tadpole BIOS with a standard Compal BIOS. The problem here is that the Compal download site just lists a range of cryptic numbers without any indication of what hardware goes with what BIOS. Maybe when we get into the BIOS there will be a corresponding version number?

Another sideways approach is listed under the BIOS tab.


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