Wyse D10DP: Firmware 





On power-up the DEL key takes you into the BIOS. If you're prompted for a password the old Wyse password of Fireport still works on these modern thin clients.

The Wyse D10DP BIOS identifies itself as Phoenix SecureCore Tiano Setup

My unit was running version 3.0D dated 05/06/2013. The later version (manufactured September 2016) was running version 3.0P dated 02/24/2015.


The Boot Tab listed:

  1. USB HDD
  2. SATA 0: SanDisk SSD P4 8GB
  3. SATA 1:
  4. PXE LAN: Realtek PXE B04 D00
  5. USB CD-ROM:
  6. USB FDC:

Any pendrives you have plugged in will appear under the USB HDD entry. I did note that there is another entry under the Advanced tab which read Boot from USB which could be set to Enabled or Disabled. Something to bear in mind if you find you can't boot from USB.

I had an 8GB SSD fitted in place of the standard 2GB one when I checked this BIOS entry.

You can also bring up a one-time boot menu without fiddling with the BIOS settings:

  • Plug in the USB key to the D10DP.
  • Press the power button to power it on.
  • Press and hold the P key on the keyboard.

This brings up the Boot Menu. In my case it showed:

  1. USB HDD SanDisk Cruzer Blade
  2. SATA 0: SanDisk SSD P4 8GB
  3. PXE LAN:Realtek PXE B04 D00

The cursor up and cursor down keys let you pick what you want to boot.

The Tab key switches you between the Boot menu and the App menu. In my case there is just one entry in the App menu - Setup - which is the standard BIOS Setup utility.

System Firmware

The D10DP is running Thin OS with PCoIP support.

As the D10D is running Wyse's Thin OS there are NO downloads on their website for updated firmware. Support for Thin OS requires a support contract before you can download anything. I haven't tried it yet but I assume you can download a firmware package for one of the other D-class models and extract just the BIOS from it if that's all you are after.


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