HP t530: Firmware 






Press ESC on power up to get into the startup menu:

Startup Menu
Continue Startup System Information Change Language
Diagnostics (F2) Boot menu (F9) Computer Setup (F10) Network Boot (F12) Utilities

From this you can see that F10 on power up to get into the AMI BIOS screens. Alternatively F9 brings up a boot menu:

Please Select Boot Device
>UEFI Boot Sources UEFI: 8GB SATA Flash Drive, Partition 1 Legacy Boot Sources Hard Drive Imation Nano Pro PMAP P0: 8GB SATA Flashdrive Network Controller (Realtek PXE B01 D00)
↑ and ↓ to move selection
ENTER to select boot device
ESC to boot using defaults

In this example I had Staples branded USB flash drive plugged in. It's what has appeared as 'Imation Nano Pro PMAP'.

The AMI BIOS identified itself as the 'HP Setup Utility' at the top of the screen and at the bottom of the screen as version 2.18.1263 - which is not very helpful. Going to the File -> System Information screen it identified the System BIOS as M41 V01.02.

Checking on the HP site I found that the latest BIOS was M41 v00.01.07 Rev A dated Jun 12 2019.

Question for HP here: If the system reports the BIOS as vXX.XX why use a different format (vXX.XX.XX Rev X) on your support website?

BIOS update

The BIOS in my t530 was version M41 v01.02 09/22/2017. The HP website offered: 'HP Thin Client BIOS (M41 BIOS) 00.01.07 RevA dated Jun 12, 2019'. This was in the download sp97029.exe. I downloaded this and ran it to extract the updated BIOS and supporting updating software files. There was an accompanying how to file that started:

This SoftPaq contains utilities and data files that can be used to restore or upgrade ("flash") the system firmware (BIOS) on supported HP Thin-Clients. Several methods for flashing the BIOS on your thin client are available. This document describes the various ways to perform the update.

  • Updating in Microsoft Windows.
  • Updating in ThinPro.
  • Updating in ToolLess mode.
  • Updating from Computer Setup (F10).
  • Updating by Silent Install.
  • Recovering from a failed update (corrupted image).
  • View supported models and revision history.

As thin clients on eBay are occasionally supplied either wiped clean or with no SSD I decided to explore the option: Updating from Computer Setup (F10). The guide for this said:

The HP Thin Clinet(sic) supported by this Softpaq provides a BIOS upgrade option through Computer setup (F10) using the "Flash System ROM" feature. Reboot the thin client and press F10 to enter Computer Setup. In the File menu, select the "Flash System ROM" item. This method requires that a Recovery USB flash drive be present which containing the BIOS binary image file and flash utility in the Hewlett-Packard folder. The Recovery USB flash drive image can be created by the M41_0107.exe in Windows environment. If a BIOS Setup password has been set, the password will be required before being able to access the "Flash System ROM" menu. The user is notified when the process is completed. The new BIOS code will not take effect until the thin client is restarted. The M41_0107.exe can be found in the Win folder.

So this is my journey....

  1. Find a flash drive (16GB SanDisk Cruzer Switch in my case), plug into Windows PC and run M41_0107.exe.
  2. Select option "Create Recovery USB flash drive"
  3. It can't find my USB flash drive as it has a Linux file system on it. Reformat as FAT32 within Windows.
  4. Click on REFRESH and the flash drive appears.
  5. Select it and click in NEXT.
  6. Utility copies files to flash drive and displays a screen of what to do next.

    The on-screen message is to:

    • Power off the device to be recovered
    • Insert the flash drive into a USB port
    • Power on the device
    • The device may reboot up to 3 times, with indicator lights on the keyboard flashing or the screen appearing blank for a short time

    Reverting to the earlier instructions...

  7. Move the flash drive across to the t530 and power it on.
  8. Hit the F10 key to get into the BIOS
  9. Select "File" and then "Flash System BIOS" from the drop down menu. This brings up a box headed : Flash System Bios
    Launch HpBiosUpdate Current CCG4 FW version 6.4 New CCG4 FW version 6.4 Update CCG4 FW Postone
  10. Hit F10 to launch the BIOS update. Nothing happens
  11. Navigate to "Security" -> "BIOS Update Policy" and set it to "Auto" and hit F10
  12. Navigate to "Save and exit"
  13. When the t530 reboots it detects the presence of the suitably formatted flash drive and, after a short pause, launches into reflashing the BIOS.
    HP t530 BIOS update
  14. Having flashed the new BIOS it runs through a verification phase before rebooting.
  15. The reboot takes a little extra time whilst it finishes off the update.

Seems to be a simple and straight forward process.


Any comments? email me. Added February 2021