HP T5540: Firmware 


The HP t5145/t5540/t5545/t5630/t5630w has a standard Phoenix AwardBIOS - hit F10 on power-up to get into the BIOS setup screen.

The first/second/third Boot Devices can be set to:

  • ATA Flash
  • USB
  • Network
  • Disabled

With the USB option set it booted Linux distributions from a Pen Drive without any problems.

You can find a document on the HP website giving some details on the BIOS settings. Google for:

HP t5630 / t5630w / t5545 / t5145 / t5540 Thin Clients - BIOS Settings, (F10) Utility

For BIOS version(s) see the BIOS versions page.


This depends on the model.

ModelOperating System
t5145HP ThinConnect
t5540Windows CE 6.0
t5545HP ThinPro
t5630Windows XPe SP2
t5630wEmbedded Standard


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