Neoware CA15: Linux 




My experience here i(April 2009) was:

DSL (4.4.10) boots happily, but doesn't like my mouse - keyboard and mouse are connected via a Smart View intelligent KVM switch IC-741-1. I had to directly plug in another mouse and reboot.

Tinycore (1.2) With limited flash available I decided to try out Tinycore Linux. I booted it from the CDROM drive and then installed it into the flash memory. It ran fine, but having added Seamonkey for web browsing I found the browser died whenever I tried to open the "How To Install" page on the Tinycore website. Checking the logs I saw it was an "Out of memory" problem so I upped the RAM in the CA15 from 128Mb to 256Mb. Things were fine after that.

A downside(?) of the CA15 is that the two USB ports are on the front, so, if you decide to (or need to) run with pen drive it's not tucked out of the way around the back.

Update August 2010

I had no problems booting Tinycore 3.0 from a USB attached CDROM drive and the installing it onto a 2.5" drive connected to the IDE port.

Both DSL 4.4.9 and Tinycore 3.0 boot ok from attached 2.5" drives.


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