Wyse 9450XE: Mods 




Hard Disk Support - Caveat

The BIOS on this VIA motherboard only supports hard disks up to 137GB (when running in LBA mode). This has been confirmed by VIA's support channel whose comment (June 2011) in response to an enquiry about this was essentially:

"The maximum disk size is 137GB. The board is ancient and no longer supported. You should buy something new."


If you look at the metalwork at the top of unit you can see that there are a couple of carriers that can be used for adding additional hardware.

Wyse 9450XE Metal Carrier I have no idea what the one on the outside of the metal screen is for.

Wyse 9450XE Metal Carrier for disk drive With that out of the way you can see one under the metalwork and just above the Power Supply board. This is obviously designed to take a 2.5" disk drive. There is not a great deal of clearance and any drive you fit has to be a slimline (9mm) one.

Fitting a Hard Drive

Wyse 9450XE Metal Carrier for disk drive To get the carrier out you need to remove a screw at the top and a bolt on the back. The carrier can then be removed.

Wyse 9450XE disk drive It's a simple matter to screw a drive onto the frame using the four mounting holes.

Wyse 9450XE internal view To connect the drive in I chose to use the existing cable that was routed to the connector in the foot of the 9450XE. To get at this you need to remove the metalwork at the top, undo the four screws that hold the motherboard in place and remove pillars from the various sockets on the back panel. You also need to unplug the riser card, remove the socket in the base and unplug the 44-pin cable from it. With these out of the way it is possible to manipulate the motherboard to get it sufficiently clear to let you get the cable out.

It would have been easier with the power supply board out of the way, but I found this difficult to remove and so left it in place.

Wyse 9450XE disk drive cable This is with the cable clear and the motherboard refitted.

Wyse 9450XE with fitted disk drive ...and finally with all the metalwork back in place.

Wyse 9450XE BIOS screen Power it up and you should find the disk drive has appeared in the BIOS.


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