Wyse 9650XE: Linux 





As you'd expect with this particular architecture almost any Linux distribution will load and run. My preliminary tests were done using a CDROM drive plugged into the second IDE interface. There were no problems with Tinycore 2.7 or Puppy Linux 4.2.

I did also (eventually) successfully boot Tinycore 2.7 via a USB connected CDROM. This took a while as there seemed to be some dependence on the type of CDROM drive used. I ended up using an old LG 40x CDROM drive that was manufactured in January 1999.

While I had the WT3650XE apart I changed the 32MB DiskOnModule for a 512MB one I had and put in two 256MB pieces of RAM. I then installed tinycore 3.0 on the DOM. This runs very nicely.


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