Wyse Xn0L: Linux 





As I currently have no way of changing the boot order all I have done is use the IDE interface to run Tiny Core 4.1. This runs quite happily.

In the first instance I used a cable and a CF card with Tiny Core installed on it. Subsequently I plugged the flash memory from the dead X90LE into a Neoware CA21, booted Tiny Core 4.1 from a pen drive, and installed it to the flash memory. I then moved the DOM across to the X90L.

I've installed the flit.tcz extension to gain an on-screen battery monitor and clock.

[December 2018] I ran Tiny Core 9.0 without any problems.


This is currently on the "To Do" list to sort out properly. I do have the X90L connected quite happily to my local wireless network but I need to revisit the process and work out the best way to set it up. My X90L is fitted with a Ralink RT2860. What I think I ended up doing was to install these various extensions:

  • wireless-3.0.3-tinycore.tcz
  • firmware.tcz
  • wicd.tcz

The last item (wicd.tcz) seemed to bring a lot of baggage with it. My tce directory has grown to ~33MB.


Any comments? email me. Added December 2011    Last update December 2018