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Tiny Core

First time around I had no problems booting and running Tiny Core 5.4 from a 1GB or a 8GB USB pen drive. However note that the BIOS does treat these devices differently. My usual 1GB pen drive appears in the BIOS under USB KEY:. The 8GB Lexar pen drive I tried appears as USB HDD:.

FYI: As many older thin clients will not boot from pen drives that are larger than ~1GB I decided to check what a more modern one would do when presented with an 8GB pen drive.

On my latest visit I have been running Tiny Core 7.2


As the latest C90LEWs I had picked up were fitted with WLAN cards I thought I'd see how easy it was to set then up to run wirelessly. In the event it is fairly straight forward but actually took me a while due to lack of information. Maybe I typed the wrong words into Google when trying to find out the right approach?

I don't know how many variants of WLAN card that Wyse ship the C90LEW with, but the words below reflect that the WLAN adapter that I had is based on the Ralink RA2770 chip. Yours might be different.

I started with Tiny Core 7.2 and the usual few apps - kmap, pci-utils and usb-utils which I set up with a wired connection.

We know from the lsusb command that the WLAN card uses the Ralink RT2770 chip set. In order to be able to use this we have to use the App Browser to download and install the file firmware-ralinkwifi.tcz. I also picked on wifi.tcz to bring in the necessary WiFi software. An alternative is wicd.tcz which brings in a lot more baggage and also managed to disable my wired connection at one stage. The simplicity of wifi.tcz suited me.

At this point I disconnected the ethernet lead and clicked on the wireless icon to run It scanned for wireless networks, found the usual ones I see here, and prompted me to select one. Having selected my network and entered the password it went ahead and connected me.

That just left the job of making things happen automatically when the system boots. When the wifi app started it created a file wifi.db in the tc home directory recording my choice of network and password to connect. We also need to add:

/usr/local/bin/ -a  > /tmp/wifi.log 2>&1

to the file.

Finally run -b to ensure that the files are backed up so that the changes persist.


Any comments? email me. Added November 2014    Last update February 2017