Wyse Dx0Q: Firmware 





On power-up the DEL key takes you into the BIOS. If you're prompted for a password the old Wyse password of Fireport still works on these modern thin clients.

The Wyse Dx0Q BIOS identifies itself as Phoenix SecureCore Technology Setup

My unit was running version 1.0L dated 11/13/2014.

Being a UEFI BIOS you have to work through a number of settings in order to be able to boot off an old fashioned MBR-style drive.


Having disabled the secure boot option, enabled USB booting, no SATA flash in place but with a pen drive inserted the Boot Tab listed:

  1. USB HDD: USB 2.0 FlashDisk
  2. Merlin Non-Pxe
  3. Windows Boot Manager
  4. SATA 0:
  5. SATA 1:
  6. PXE LAN: Realtek PXE B01 D00
  7. ATAPI CD:
  8. USB FDC:
  10. CLOUD DESKTOP: Realtek PXE B01 D00

Anything you have connected that it recognises it will the name after the colon. In this example it has seen the pen drive which reports as 'USB 2.0 FlashDisk'.

You can also bring up a one-time boot menu without fiddling with the BIOS settings:

  • Plug in the USB key to the Dx0Q.
  • Press the power button to power it on.
  • Press and hold the P key on the keyboard.

This brings up the Boot Menu. In my case it showed:

  1. USB HDD:USB 2.0 FlashDisk
  2. Merlin Non-Pxe
  3. Windows Boot Manager
  4. PXE LAN:Realtek PXE B01 D00
  5. CLOUD DESKTOP:Realtek PXE B01 D00

The cursor up and cursor down keys let you pick what you want to boot.

The Tab key switches you between the Boot menu and the App menu. In my case there is just one entry in the App menu - Setup - which is the standard BIOS Setup utility.

BIOS Update

I haven't (yet) tried updating the BIOS on my Dx0Q. However in August 2019 I heard from Zachary who had. He's documented what he did here on his website

As you're browsing this website I guess you are not using (or intending to use) the standard Wyse firmware on your Dx0Q. If you are do note the warning in his write up:

It should work as long as the following are true:

  1. You're not using Windows.

Note: Rather than having a single generic BIOS there is a specific version for the Windows variant of the Dx0Q. I would imagine this is for licensing reasons to ensure that people can't install the standard Windows firmware on hardware for which no Windows licence was paid. Zachary's description upgrades the Dx0Q to the latest 'ThinOS' BIOS. As a result the standard DELL/Wyse Windows firmware will no longer run as it believes the hardware to be unlicenced. If you're intending to install (or are running) a generic version of Windows with its own licence key you should have nothing to worry about.

System Firmware

My Dx0Q originally had Windows 8 installed.


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