10ZiG 67xx: Firmware 


The 67xx runs a standard Phoenix Award BIOS. Hit the DEL key to get into it. The default BIOS password is 10ZIG.

When the system boots it briefly displays: E710 V:5.B5.21B-08032011(EVALUATION ROM)

Under the Advanced tab there is the usual Hard Disk Boot Priority entry where you can move any USB flash drive to the top of the list for USB booting.

In my setup I find that the default video output is the lower of the DVI sockets.

Standard Firmware

My 67xx came with a wiped IDE drive. It does carry a label for 'Windows Embedded Standard'.

Firmware Updates

As I've noted elsewhere, as far as I'm aware 10ZiG do not have a public online support server from which you can download the latest (or previous) versions of their firmware.

This is of little consequence to those repurposing the hardware, but it does mean you're stuck with whatever BIOS came with the unit.