Igel H830C Firmware 





The IGEL H830C has a InsydeH20 BIOS similar to that of the M340C.

Hit the DEL key to interrupt the normal boot sequence.

My reactions are not the best in noting information that is briefly on-screen as the system boots but luckily I can dig it out from the Linux 'dmesg' output. The BIOS version in my unit is:
IGEL Technology GmbH H830C/H830C, BIOS H830C V:3.7.13-08052015 08/05/2015

The opening screen presented me with four icons:

Continue carries on normally.

Boot Manager lets you select your boot device.

Device Management doesn't do much.

SCU which gets you into the normal BIOS pages. SCU stands for System Configuration Utility.

On the boot screen you can enable/disable USB booting and also set the boot order. Interestingly this is under Legacy, but nowhere on any of the screens can I see any mention of UEFI.


IGEL's website is focussed on the generic UDx firmware. As far as the BIOS is concerned I eventually found a 'Hardware FAQ' list that included the question: "How Can I Update the BIOS Version? The answer given was:

"If you do not have the required BIOS version and need to update your BIOS, please contact IGEL Service at IGEL Service will provide you with all necessary information and assist you in updating your BIOS."

How you find out what BIOS versions exist I have no idea.


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